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  • noun
    A sudden quick movement towards something, typically by a number of people. (there was a rush for the door)
    An act of advancing forward, especially towards the quarterback.
    The first prints made of a film after a period of shooting. (after the shoot the agency team will see the rushes)
    Move with urgent haste. (Oliver rushed after her)
    Dash towards (someone or something) in an attempt to attack or capture. (to rush the bank and fire willy-nilly could be disastrous for everyone)
    Entertain (a new student) in order to assess suitability for membership of a college fraternity or sorority.
    Make (a customer) pay a particular amount, especially an excessive one. (how much did they rush you for this heap?)
  • noun
    An erect, tufted marsh or waterside plant resembling a sedge or grass, with inconspicuous greenish or brownish flowers. Widely distributed in temperate areas, some kinds are used for matting, chair seats, and baskets.
    A thing of no value (used for emphasis) (not one of them is worth a rush)


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