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  • noun
    A small metal spike with a broadened flat head, driven into wood to join things together or to serve as a hook. (don't try and hammer nails into the ceiling joists)
    A horny covering on the upper surface of the tip of the finger and toe in humans and other primates. (she began to bite her nails)
    A medieval measure of length for cloth, equal to 21/4 inches.
    A medieval measure of wool, beef, or other commodity, roughly equal to 7 or 8 pounds.
    Fasten with a nail or nails. (the strips are simply nailed to the roof)
    Detect or catch (someone, especially a suspected criminal) (have you nailed the killer?)
    (of a player) strike (a ball) forcefully and successfully. (she was stretched to the limit and failed to nail the smash)
    Perform (an action or task) perfectly. (she absolutely nailed the high notes)
    (of a man) have sexual intercourse with.


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