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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) A deep narrow passage with steep rocky sides; a ravine.
  2. (noun) A narrow entrance into the outwork of a fortification.
  3. (noun) The throat; the gullet: The gory sight made my gorge rise.
  4. (noun) The crop of a hawk.
  5. (noun) An instance of gluttonous eating.
  6. (noun) The contents of the stomach; something swallowed.
  7. (noun) A mass obstructing a narrow passage: a shipping lane blocked by an ice gorge.
  8. (noun) The seam on the front of a coat or jacket where the lapel and the collar are joined.
  9. (verb-transitive) To stuff with food; glut: gorged themselves with candy.
  10. (verb-transitive) To devour greedily.
  11. (verb-intransitive) To eat gluttonously.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. Gouging it's way ever downward into the gorge is a river. - All we need is Blog?
  2. Lake Linderman was no more than a narrow mountain gorge filled with water. - THE MEAT
  3. Telling that to people in the gorge is like telling Saudia Arabia to conserve gasoline. - Getting to third base with our pristine Columbia Gorge (Jack Bog's Blog)
  4. The mountain gorge which was its source rang to the rising tide of it until it brimmed over and flooded earth and sky and air. - THE RED ONE
  5. Sounds about right, both of them talk libertarian but gorge from the federal trough. blog comments powered by Disqus publicola nerds - Palin Tweets for Didier « PubliCola


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