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  • noun
    A continuous slow movement from one place to another. (there was a drift to the towns)
    The general intention or meaning of an argument or someone's remarks. (maybe I'm too close to the forest to see the trees, if you catch my drift)
    A large mass of snow, leaves, or other material piled up or carried along by the wind. (four sheep were dug out of the drift)
    A horizontal or inclined passage following a mineral vein or coal seam. (the drift led to another smaller ore chamber)
    An act of driving cattle or sheep. (It was a cattle drift between the Table Valley settlement and the interior.)
    A ford.
    Be carried slowly by a current of air or water. (the cabin cruiser started to drift downstream)
    (especially of snow or leaves) be blown into heaps by the wind. (fallen leaves start to drift in the gutters)


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