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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) A narrow ledge or shelf, as along the top or bottom of a slope.
  2. (noun) Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, & West Virginia The shoulder of a road.
  3. (noun) A raised bank or path, especially the bank of a canal opposite the towpath.
  4. (noun) A nearly horizontal or landward-sloping portion of a beach, formed by the deposition of sediment by storm waves.
  5. (noun) A mound or bank of earth, used especially as a barrier or to provide insulation.
  6. (noun) The flat space between the edge of a ditch and the base of a fortification.
  7. (verb-transitive) To provide with a berm or berms.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. And the Louisiana berm is not the only example of rushed emergency permitting of a major project. - Current Affairs
  2. I hope I’m wrong, but I fear that this permitted berm is not a viable solution. - tingilinde:
  3. The range was two hundred yards and the berm was all clay so no damage would come to the arrows. - I am talking to a lot of Virginia hunters who are "ready to go crossbow" now that it is legal for all hunters.
  4. NRC officials said the manufacturer of the berm, which is essentially a huge inner tube that's filled with water, is beginning the process of replacing the one that ruptured. - U.S. Nuclear Plant Deemed Safe Despite Ruptured Berm
  5. And he wants to build a huge sand berm, which isn't a bad idea. - TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads


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