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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (verb-transitive) To gather (cloth) into decorative rows by parallel stitching.
  2. (verb-transitive) To cook (unshelled eggs) by baking until set.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. We pulled into the parking lot with a shirr of tires over sand, cut the engine, and while the engine ticked and the offshore breeze rattled the palms behind us, we drank our coffee, looked through the windshield at the beach, and tried to get stoked. - Kook
  2. Then we wouldn't go through a shirr charade of having frankly an address as confusing as the one that Mitt Romney gave today. - CNN Transcript Dec 6, 2007
  3. The asylums, such as they were, were filled with those whose minds in the ghastly loneliness of the desert had been torn and turned and twisted by the incessant whirl and shirr and swish and force of the pitiless winds. - The Way of the Wind
  4. The veil was secured to the hood by a simple shirr string of elastic. - The Motor Girls
  5. Shirred Eggs. -- To shirr an egg break it into a saucer or any small dish that has been well greased. - Health on the Farm A Manual of Rural Sanitation and Hygiene


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