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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (verb) To fry in a small quantity of fat or oil.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. However, I made this with a simple plantain saute, which is also an equally superb combination. - Archive 2008-06-01
  2. I 'saute' onions and green peppers the same way but add a tiny bit of water. - Recipe for Delicious and South Beach Diet Friendly Flatbread Pizza to Make at Home
  3. We could probably get by with far fewer cooking terms growing up, the only place I ever heard the word "saute" was on TV; at home we always fried stuff--but only if English didn't have the history that it does. - COOKING TERMS.
  4. : A simple glossary in the back provides explanations for terms such as "saute" and "simmer." - Slashfood
  5. Squeeze all roasted garlic from the garlic head and into the saute pan. - Roasted Garlic Stuffing | Baking Bites


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