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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (verb-transitive) To cook in a boiling or simmering liquid: Poach the fish in wine.
  2. (verb-intransitive) To trespass on another's property in order to take fish or game.
  3. (verb-intransitive) To take fish or game in a forbidden area.
  4. (verb-intransitive) To become muddy or broken up from being trampled. Used of land.
  5. (verb-intransitive) To sink into soft earth when walking.
  6. (verb-intransitive) To take or appropriate something unfairly or illegally.
  7. (verb-intransitive) Sports To play a ball out of turn or in another's territory, as in doubles tennis.
  8. (verb-transitive) To trespass on (another's property) for fishing or hunting.
  9. (verb-transitive) To take (fish or game) illegally.
  10. (verb-transitive) To make (land) muddy or broken up by trampling.
  11. (verb-transitive) To take or appropriate unfairly or illegally.
  12. (verb-transitive) Sports To play (a ball) out of turn or in another's territory.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. The insulting minstrel shows stole black music because there wasn't anything as interesting to poach from the white musical tradition. - "Showtime," Larry Stempel's history of Broadway musicals, reviewed by Lloyd Rose
  2. Captain Joe Sakic missed his 12th straight game because of a groin injury, and Tyler Arnason (wrist), Brad Richardson (shoulder) and Kurt Sauer (neck) also are on the injured list, which has forced the team to poach from the AHL. - USATODAY.com
  3. I will be putting together the mother of all Venice link lists eventually (something that really doesn't exist in a coherant way on line at the moment), and I'll poach from the Basilica's list for sure. - The Homepage of St. Mark's Basilica
  4. According to another theory the word poach may be related to the word poke. - podictionary - for word lovers - dictionary etymology, trivia & history
  5. The word poach in this sense is supposed to mean "bag" and this French root is the same one that gives English our words pouch and pocket; both little bags. - podictionary - for word lovers - dictionary etymology, trivia & history


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