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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) A fermentable starchy mixture from which alcohol or spirits can be distilled.
  2. (noun) A mixture of ground grain and nutrients fed to livestock and fowl.
  3. (noun) A soft pulpy mixture or mass.
  4. (noun) Chiefly British Mashed potatoes.
  5. (noun) A crushing or grinding.
  6. (noun) Slang An infatuation or act of flirtation.
  7. (verb-transitive) To convert (malt or grain) into mash.
  8. (verb-transitive) To convert into a soft pulpy mixture: mash potatoes.
  9. (verb-transitive) To crush or grind. See Synonyms at crush.
  10. (verb-transitive) Chiefly Southern & South Midland U.S. To apply pressure to; press.
  11. (verb-transitive) Slang To flirt with or make sexual advances to.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. They have conceived the term mash-upto be about Co-creation, and user involvement in service prototyping. - Feeds4all documents in category 'SEO'
  2. Saccharification: The mash from the cookers will then be cooled and the secondary enzyme (gluco-amylase) will be added to convert the liquefied starch to fermentable sugars (dextrose). - Ethanol
  3. The New Yorker's precocious Ryan Lizza has nice McCain mash note up this week. - On the Bus - Swampland -
  4. Anything that starts with potatoes and ends in mash! - Food therapy. The way the French might do it.
  5. I too don't like the taste of grilled polenta, but a creamy polenta as a substitute for mash is truly delicious. (not a time for watching butter or salt though) Anyway I just stumbled across you blog and for some reason decided to start at the beginning. - Polentaphobia.. part 2


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