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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (verb-transitive) To take the color from; bleach.
  2. (verb-transitive) To whiten (a growing plant or plant part) by covering to cut off direct light.
  3. (verb-transitive) To whiten (a metal) by soaking in acid or by coating with tin.
  4. (verb-transitive) To scald (almonds, for example) in order to loosen the skin.
  5. (verb-transitive) To scald (food) briefly, as before freezing or as a preliminary stage in preparing a dish.
  6. (verb-transitive) To cause to turn white or become pale.
  7. (verb-intransitive) To turn white or become pale: Their faces blanched in terror.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. When loking at their areas of responsibility on which they have carte blanche to spend our taxes, blanch is the word. - Drunk Ken`s Awful Friends ( And See Dispatches Tonight)
  2. •Seasoned: Quickly parboil aka blanch, drain, then place in a hot skillet or wok with a tablespoon or two of your favorite high-heat cooking oil and toss to coat. - Family Kitchen: A smorgasbord of summer vegetable dishes
  3. So far in this endeaver, I have learned how to 'blanch' rutabaga's so that they can be frozen. - Growing winter vegetables
  4. I can't say in your case, but I do see sometimes tissue "blanch" due to either compression of the tissues from the fluid or vasoconstriction from the epinephrine in the anesthetic-shrinks the blood vessels. - Local Anesthesia in Pediatric Dentistry
  5. As a white person, Terre'blanch's death "leaves me cold" - to quote an apartheid notable. - Guardian Online


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