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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) A device for shifting gears on a bicycle by moving the chain between sprocket wheels of different sizes.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. However, in retrospect it may be a good thing I didn't since the derailleur was the only thing that kept the rear wheel from ejecting completely. - Curlicues: The End of Straight-Ahead Cycling?
  2. The front derailleur, which is shaped like the blade of a vegetable peeler, guides the chain between the gears attached to the pedals. - --
  3. Each appears to be different in its own way from the usual "derailleur", but who am I to judge one's special love for vowels? - BSNYC Road Dairy: Westward Meh
  4. But I believe the "derailleur" double entendre is "Did you rail her" as in ... well, bang/shag/fill in your fave sexual euphemism here. - Epic-curious: Riding Long and Hard
  5. It can be quite intimidating for the new cyclist to hear the many complicated questions asked at a bike shop using unfamiliar words like "crank set", "derailleur", and "drop tube". - Archive 2009-09-01


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