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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) A screen for protection against the wind.
  2. (noun) Chiefly British The windshield of a motor vehicle.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. I see Humber Hawk, Mk11, less the small lower grilles ... but the split windscreen is a killer because "posh" cars were mainly single panel by then (not, of course, humble Minors and A30s etc). - A Drive in the Country
  2. Called around and it seems as though $80 for the RACV to come repair the windscreen is the best price. - Latest from PALGN
  3. The sensational panoramic Zenith windscreen, which is 36% bigger than a conventional screen on an average five door small car, delivers an all-new motoring experience for drivers and passengers alike. - Autoblog
  4. For starters, the main housing frame for the windscreen is a single, continuous injection-molded ten-series geodesic, tubular lattice (booya!), offering more protection with less obstruction than most shotgun windscreen frame designs. - Gearwire -
  5. The active components of City Safety include a laser sensor integrated into the top of the windscreen, which is able to detect other vehicles at a distance of up to - Ride Lust - Motion + Mobility


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