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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) The main woody axis of a tree.
  2. (noun) Architecture The shaft of a column.
  3. (noun) The body of a human or animal excluding the head and limbs.
  4. (noun) The thorax of an insect.
  5. (noun) A proboscis, especially the long prehensile proboscis of an elephant.
  6. (noun) A main body, apart from tributaries or appendages.
  7. (noun) The main stem of a blood vessel or nerve apart from the branches.
  8. (noun) A trunk line.
  9. (noun) A chute or conduit.
  10. (noun) Nautical A watertight shaft connecting two or more decks.
  11. (noun) Nautical The housing for the centerboard of a vessel.
  12. (noun) Nautical Any of certain structures projecting above part of a main deck, as:
  13. (noun) Nautical A covering over the hatches of a ship.
  14. (noun) Nautical An expansion chamber on a tanker.
  15. (noun) Nautical A cabin on a small boat.
  16. (noun) A covered compartment for luggage and storage, generally at the rear of an automobile.
  17. (noun) A large packing case or box that clasps shut, used as luggage or for storage.
  18. (noun) Shorts worn for swimming or other athletics.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. As I said before, the elephant's trunk is its nose -- that is, the elephant has to breathe through the trunk. - The Wonders of the Jungle Book One
  2. Not content with stripping the tree of its branches, the old tusker seized hold of its trunk -- lapping his own trunk as far as he could around it -- and commenced tugging at it, as if he had hopes of being able to drag it up by the roots. - The Cliff Climbers A Sequel to "The Plant Hunters"
  3. “The word trunk is really out of date,” the designer Bill Blass, who has been doing these shows for forty years, tells me. - No Uncertain Terms
  4. This upper part is what we call the trunk, which reaches from the mouth to the vent. - On the Parts of Animals
  5. The circumference of the trunk is an amazing 54 meters (178 feet) It is over 40 meters (130 feet) high, boasts a foliage diameter of over 51 meters (170 feet), and weighs over 500 tons. - El Arbol de Tule: probably the biggest tree in the world


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