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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) One that regulates, as:
  2. (noun) The mechanism in a watch by which its speed is governed.
  3. (noun) A highly accurate clock used as a standard for timing other clocks.
  4. (noun) A device used to maintain uniform speed in a machine; a governor.
  5. (noun) A device used to control the flow of gases, liquids, or electric current.
  6. (noun) One, such as the member of a governmental regulatory agency, that ensures compliance with laws, regulations, and established rules: banking regulators; price regulators.
  7. (noun) A substance that affects the amount of product or the progress of a biochemical reaction or process: a regulator of embryogenesis.
  8. (noun) See regulator gene.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. The term regulator actually covers six or more distinct functions and responsibilities. -
  2. It makes it less likely that the regulator is aware of the considerations that are important to you in determining the final outcome. - The Volokh Conspiracy » The Double Standard of Libertarian Paternalism
  3. Financial stocks gained on a Bloomberg report that Japan's financial regulator is considering tougher capital rules for the largest banks. - Shares Rise in Asia, Europe
  4. If Apple does launch their NFC phone and announces collaboration through Visa and Mastercard's payment network, do you honestly think with millions of iPhone 5's going out the door that the regulator is going to call a halt to payments from a phone? - Brett King: The iPhone5 Debit Card - Coming soon?
  5. A regulator from the banking superintendency of Peru stated, "In our consumer protection efforts, the banks are out greatest partners." - Elisabeth Rhyne: An Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren


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