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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) A gearing mechanism of a motor vehicle engine that reduces the power output required to maintain driving speed in a specific range by lowering the gear ratio.
  2. (noun) Informal A state of heightened activity or concentration: shifted into overdrive toward the end of the semester.
  3. (verb-transitive) To drive (a vehicle) too far or too long.
  4. (verb-transitive) To push (oneself) too far, as in the performance of tasks.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. We will be smarter; we will be a “populace stuck in overdrive, searching out the last bits of competitive advantage.” - Letters to the Editor
  2. With national support now ramping up for Brown and the Brown Brigade kicking in overdrive results are going to change quickly in favor of brown. - Rasmussen: Coakley/Brown 50/41. - Moe_Lane’s blog - RedState
  3. That motor was in overdrive as Sablikova crossed the finish line in 6 minutes, 50.91 seconds in the final pair. - Canada's Hughes bows out with bronze; Sablikova takes gold
  4. The Republicans are in overdrive trying to derail the health care bill even though we clearly need it. - Senate pushes to pass bill by holiday
  5. My creativity, while not on overdrive, is still humming, and I think this would help me, if nothing else, give some structure to some ideas jumping around in my head. - Monday Assessment


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