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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) An instrument that indicates distance traveled by a vehicle.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. So, it would be another 1,000km, only my odometer is lying, or roverthedog is taking it out for joyrides, because my records from last fall said I stopped biking at 800km, and when I started riding 17 days ago it said 858. - bike log
  2. Even though he's 30, he wasn't being chased by defensive ends for two seasons so his odometer is closer to that of a 28-year old. - Vick 2.0
  3. The card shark caught marking the deck, the auto dealer caught resetting a used car's odometer, is rarely contrite. - krugmanize your mind
  4. Pittsburgh: The Bus 'odometer is over 100,000 miles. - USATODAY.com - NFL Draft scouting report: Running backs
  5. Even in states that don’t have annual inspections, you can allow drivers to estimate (or cheat) so long as the odometer is verified when it’s resold because the new owner has an incentive for the reading to be correct. - Matthew Yglesias » VMT Madness


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