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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) Buildings or other shelters in which people live: a shortage of housing in the city.
  2. (noun) A place to live; a dwelling: She came to college early to look for housing.
  3. (noun) Provision of lodging or shelter: the housing of refugees; a contract that includes housing.
  4. (noun) Something that covers, protects, or supports, especially:
  5. (noun) A frame, bracket, or box for holding or protecting a mechanical part: a wheel housing.
  6. (noun) An enclosing frame in which a shaft revolves.
  7. (noun) A hole, groove, or slot in a piece of wood into which another piece is inserted.
  8. (noun) A niche for a statue.
  9. (noun) Nautical The part of a mast that is below deck.
  10. (noun) Nautical The part of a bowsprit that is inside the hull.
  11. (noun) An ornamental or protective covering for a saddle.
  12. (noun) Trappings for a horse. Often used in the plural.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. CNN was at it again, wondering if China's supposed housing bubble was about to burst, as if the term "housing bubble" in China was the same as the housing bubble America faced in 2008. - Forbes.com: News
  2. Where, in housing, is the border between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’? - Matthew Yglesias » The Consumer Surplus Decade
  3. Overview: One new trend in housing is the growth of age-targeted developments, rather than age-restricted. - The Boomer Blog: March 2009 Archives
  4. Many analysts believe the serious slump in housing is the result of a speculative bubble bursting after home sales set records for five straight years. - Existing Home Sales Plunge | Impact Lab
  5. "The further contraction in housing is likely to be a significant drag on growth in the current quarter and through early next year," [Fed Reserve Chairman Ben] Bernanke said. - Archive 2007-10-01


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