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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) Stockings; socks. Used only in the plural.
  2. (noun) Close-fitting breeches or leggings reaching up to the hips and fastened to a doublet, formerly worn by men. Used only in the plural.
  3. (noun) Breeches reaching down to the knees. Used only in the plural.
  4. (noun) A flexible tube for conveying liquids or gases under pressure.
  5. (verb-transitive) To water, drench, or wash with a hose: hosed down the deck; hosed off the dog.
  6. (verb-transitive) Slang To attack and kill (someone), typically by use of a firearm: hosed the enemy trooper.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. If you fast-forward to something like the Death Knight starting experience, our story-telling team has really mastered or refined the art of delivering the story as first-hand gameplay rather than spraying you with the word hose, which is what we did in the past. - Worldofraids News
  2. They fell into a tub of cold water on the other side of the machine, which was filled with a hose from the well or the lake. - Homemaking Is Easier Now
  3. This hedgehog with its green leather hose comes from the quality Waldfreunde collection and were directly imported from Germany. - Meet the New Toy Story 3 Characters: Chunk and Chatter Telephone | /Film
  4. If it happens again, I might try pegging a tarp down over the trap and running hose from the exhaust of my truck and gas him before he gasses me. - A skunk in the trap
  5. Hold a second ..... while I feel bad for someone who has lost their job or whose hose is undrwater, why is it my responsibility as a taxpayer to bailout someone who may hav used poor judgement in buying a home or just had bad luck. - States: Let taxpayers cover your mortgage


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