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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) A light with a reflector and lens mounted on the front of a locomotive, automobile, or other vehicle. Also called headlamp.
  2. (noun) A lamp mounted on a miner's or spelunker's hard hat.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. J yeah i def like these commercials. were the wallflowers a one hit wonder? they had like 3 singles in the top 5. that album with one headlight is awesome. more like one album wonder. - Jesse Dylan’s Nintendo DS Commercials | /Film
  2. He says it runs okay but the headlight is broken and he will have to get it fixed so he can go squirrel hunting Saturday night. - HAROLD DERWIN BARNETT, 22 May 1925 - 16 October 2006
  3. The headlight was a powerful electric one, with a black cap over the lens. - The Secret Wireless or, The Spy Hunt of the Camp Brady Patrol
  4. "I can definitely say that driving without a headlight was a contributing factor," - timesunion.com: Siena Women's Basketball
  5. There are three types of lights available, namely headlight, scenelight and cameralight. - The Code Project Latest Articles


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