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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) One that fits a head on an object.
  2. (noun) One that removes a head from an object, especially a machine that reaps the heads of grain and passes them into a wagon or receptacle.
  3. (noun) A pipe that serves as a central connection for two or more smaller pipes.
  4. (noun) A floor or roof beam placed between two long beams that supports the ends of the tailpieces.
  5. (noun) A brick or stone laid at a right angle to the face of a wall so that only its short end is showing. Also called bonder.
  6. (noun) Informal A headlong dive or fall.
  7. (noun) Sports A pass or shot made in soccer by heading the ball.
  8. (noun) Textual information, such as a title, date, or page number, positioned in the top margin of a page and usually repeated throughout a document.
  9. (noun) A raised tank or hopper that maintains a constant pressure or supply to a system, especially the small tank that supplies water to a central heating system.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. $header = shift @$recs; my $data = $header-fixed. $header-var; - Softpedia - Windows - All
  2. 说明:查看 firefox 收发请求的 header, 特别是在发出请求前, 可以修改 header。 - 博客园-首页原创精华区
  3. I think what's throwing people off is the title header of your op-piece. - Endorsing Ron Paul, and Why Progressive Dems Should Support Ron Paul
  4. For some reason this says post #33752, but in the title header it just shows 15 comments. - Gay/Lesbian Forum
  5. I could see a case for the text / graphic switch trick for the title header but the website title would be already be placed in the head of the html so it isn't really necessary. - digg.com: Stories / Popular


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