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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) Mathematics The surface generated by a straight line intersecting and moving along a closed plane curve, the directrix, while remaining parallel to a fixed straight line that is not on or parallel to the plane of the directrix.
  2. (noun) Mathematics The portion of such a surface bounded by two parallel planes and the regions of the planes bounded by the surface.
  3. (noun) Mathematics A solid bounded by two parallel planes and such a surface, especially such a surface having a circle as its directrix.
  4. (noun) A cylindrical container or object.
  5. (noun) Engineering The chamber in which a piston of a reciprocating engine moves.
  6. (noun) Engineering The chamber of a pump from which fluid is expelled by a piston.
  7. (noun) The rotating chamber of a revolver that holds the cartridges.
  8. (noun) Any of several rotating parts in a printing press, especially one that carries the paper.
  9. (noun) Archaeology A cylindrical stone or clay object with an engraved design or inscription.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. We play it constantly … instead of marbles they are the little green alien men and the cylinder is a spaceship. - Remember KerPlunk? - The Retroist
  2. It consists of a small wooden cylinder, about three quarters of an inch in diameter, and 3 in. long; at one end of the cylinder is a cavity which holds the combustible, which is confined only by pasteboard or membrane, so that, when ignited, it will blow straight into the heart of the principal charge; the two wires of the electric circuit, entering at the other end of the cylinder, terminate upon the little wooden disc which forms the bottom of this cavity, so that the end of one wire is about a quarter of an inch from the other; the electric circuit is completed by drawing a dash with a blacklead-pencil across the tiny space of the wooden surface connecting the two ends of wire; and the fusee is then charged. - Experiments with the American Torpedo-Shells at Chatham
  3. Our 20th century based mindset will seem to be so quaint in 90 years, just as the thought of recording sound onto a wax cylinder is so primitive to us. - Singularity University: The Big News NASA Isn't Talking About - NASA Watch
  4. Improved cylinder is best for rifled slugs but any choke will do. - I was wondering if you can shoot slugs out of a gun with an interchangable choke, ie-mossberg 500.
  5. Lavishly renovated, the three-story cylinder is now the Canopy Tower hotel, a mecca for serious birders. - Strange Paradise


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