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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) A shaft that turns or is turned by a crank.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. Keyed on to the crankshaft is a flanged pulley 10 in. in diameter by 3ΒΌ in. between flanges. - Scientific American Supplement, No. 799, April 25, 1891
  2. The crankshaft was the most highly stressed part of the entire - The Working of Steel Annealing, Heat Treating and Hardening of Carbon and Alloy Steel
  3. The crankshaft was a nickel chrome steel forging, machined hollow, with four crank pins set at 180 degrees to each other, and carried in three bearings lined with anti-friction metal. - A History of Aeronautics
  4. Attached to the crankshaft is a set of titanium connecting rods and forged aluminum pistons, which, when combined with the cylinder heads, delivers a 9.1: 1 compression ratio. - Top Speed
  5. Mladin's team contended that the crankshaft was a production crankshaft and the same as the crankshaft AMA Pro Racing inspected when Mladin finished second at Auto Club Speedway earlier this season. -


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