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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) The metal case enclosing the crankshaft and associated parts in a reciprocating engine.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. Such engines, called crankcase-scavenged, are almost universally used in the outboard motor industry. - Chapter 5
  2. The crankcase is a high-strength aluminum-alloy casting produced in a complex process. - Jalopnik
  3. The monoblock is mounted on the upper crankcase, which is a common component with all of Lotus 'single-cylinder research engines. - Autoblog Green
  4. They apply to the treatment of gas in a positive crankcase ventilation system regardless of the type of fuel used in the engine. - Sustainable Design Update » Blog Archive » New Clean Diesel Technology
  5. The ability to unscrew a drain plug above a suitable catch-pan, wait for the fluid to leak out, replace the filter and the plug, and then dump four to five quarts of the proper viscosity motor oil in a crankcase? - Think Progress » Profit-Seeking Palin Reportedly Rips CPAC As A Profiteering Convention


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