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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) The rectangular, usually steel frame, supported on springs and attached to the axles, that holds the body and motor of an automotive vehicle.
  2. (noun) The landing gear of an aircraft, including the wheels, skids, floats, and other structures that support the aircraft on land or water.
  3. (noun) The frame on which a gun carriage moves forward and backward.
  4. (noun) The framework to which the components of a radio, television, or other electronic equipment are attached.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. But he makes a few incisive edits to the camera's body — tidies it up visually — and mills the chassis from a solid block of titanium. - Style Meets Substance
  2. The truck's ground clearance, the distance between the road and its chassis, is 8.2 inches. - A short story about reaching lofty heights
  3. The chassis is manufactured from carbon fibre with aluminum honeycomb with integrated fuel tanks for optimal weight distribution and safety. - Exclusive: Koenigsegg Agera - GTSPIRIT.COM
  4. By the early 1900s, the Rolls Royce quickly outpaced its competitors as the motorcar for the wealthy and sophisticated – no doubt because of its costliness (the average price of a car in chassis form was around £650 and the Silver Ghost cost ₤1,154!) – and the series of motor trials which convinced those who took up the automobile for sporting purposes that the Rolls Royce was reliable, looked good and drove fast. - The Spirit of Ecstasy | Edwardian Promenade
  5. The Bum Bot was built out mainly out of recycled parts -- its chassis is the base from a motor scooter and the top of an old meat smoker. - Bar owner builds "Bum Bot"


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