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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) An eccentric or multiply curved wheel mounted on a rotating shaft, used to produce variable or reciprocating motion in another engaged or contacted part.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. Tum tn Propbetis exteriorem tunt« cam exuit; cum Hieremise niliii praeter cam« peftre reiiquit In Joantae porro omnia mundi veft&menta rejicims, cilicio e Cameli p3is induit. - Analysis operum S.S. patrum et scriptorum ecclesiasticorum
  2. Unfortunately my cam is a couple hours away and I have not been able to check it in almost a month. - Trail Cams: A Sure Cure For Those Post-Vacation Blues
  3. Thu 10/22/09 9: 50 AM totally agree. mitch may be the messenger but cam is the diplomat. - 'Modern Family' recap: Snap! Tackle Pop? |
  4. Even a relatively small chunck of rock (say in the 10 meter size range) travelling at 20000 to 50000 km/second has an huge amount of kinetic energy that cam translates into many kilotons/megatons of damage. - Today's Video - Profiling the Ares Launch Vehicle - NASA Watch
  5. A Gorrilla or Yeti costume in front of the trail-cam is a good one though we've yet to follow through. - Practical jokes at deer camp


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