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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) Protective footgear, as of leather or rubber, covering the foot and part or all of the leg.
  2. (noun) A protective covering, especially a sheath to enclose the base of a floor-mounted gear shift lever in a car or truck.
  3. (noun) Chiefly British An automobile trunk.
  4. (noun) A kick.
  5. (noun) Slang An unceremonious dismissal, as from a job. Used with the.
  6. (noun) Slang A swift, pleasurable feeling; a thrill.
  7. (noun) A Denver boot.
  8. (noun) A marine or navy recruit in basic training.
  9. (noun) Computer Science The process of starting or restarting a computer.
  10. (noun) An instrument of torture, used to crush the foot and leg.
  11. (verb-transitive) To put boots on.
  12. (verb-transitive) To kick.
  13. (verb-transitive) Slang To discharge unceremoniously. See Synonyms at dismiss.
  14. (verb-transitive) Computer Science To start (a computer) by loading an operating system from a disk.
  15. (verb-transitive) To disable (a vehicle) by attaching a Denver boot.
  16. (verb-transitive) Baseball To misplay (a ground ball).
  17. (verb-intransitive) To be of help or advantage; avail.
  18. (noun) Chiefly Southern & Midland U.S. See lagniappe.
  19. (noun) Archaic Advantage; avail.
  20. (idiom) to boot In addition; besides: Not only was the new cruise ship the biggest in the world, but the fastest to boot.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. IV. iv.651 (360,7) [boot] that is, something over and above, or, as we now say, something to boot. - Notes to Shakespeare — Volume 01: Comedies
  2. BUT if Disk A is in the system, OSX will boot from Disk B as the ** boot** disk, but then it'll still make Disk A the ** root** disk, meaning if you do a df - k/, or diskutil info/, you will notice Disk A is mounted as "/"! - Discussions: Message List - root
  3. The entry in the menu letting you boot to one or the other is in c: \boot. ini. - Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions
  4. Incidentally, the term "boot camp" itself has undergone a semantic recalibration, and now primarily denotes the period between the X Factor auditions and the live shows, as opposed to a training academy for military recruits. - The Guardian World News
  5. In essence, the machine has to kick start itself, “pull itself up by its own bootstraps” before it can start working; hence the term boot. - Zen Computer


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