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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) Alternative spelling of back seat.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. There are four CIA personnel in this car, and squeezed in the backseat is their "hostage," a military contractor dude. - the a-team
  2. One of the daughter's in the backseat is wearing a Obama t-shirt. (some folks did vote for Obama in Alabama really they did) The trooper says, "Sir, you'll have to step out of the car and place your hands behind your back!" - Will others follow Arizona's lead on immigration?
  3. FYI, that’s also what I call the backseat of my Datsun. - REASON HOLLYWOOD IS STUPID #5802209….
  4. She glances back with disgust at the backseat, which is cluttered and messy as a result of my time back there. - Myra's Mind
  5. We go out to the car, and on the floor of the backseat is a Häagen-Dazs cup filled with melted butter-pecan ice cream. - FLY FISHING WITH DARTH VADER


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