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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) A receptacle for tobacco ashes and cigarette and cigar butts.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. Guess I should think about getting a new one, but the 50 pesos I keep in the ashtray is my temporary insurance in the meantime. - Mordida re-visited
  2. It is NOT the fault of the ideas but the form they are presented (i.e. steak served in ashtray). - SolveClimate: Biochar and George Monbiot’s Misguided Rant
  3. These are not astronomical sums, obviously, but it means that any silver coin in the ashtray is no longer enough to park for even the shortest duration. - It's Sunday afternoon -- don't forget to feed the meters (Jack Bog's Blog)
  4. He sits on the eighth step, places a porcelain ashtray to the side of his bare feet and lights an American Spirit. - Michael Cunningham and a new generation of writers transcend 'gay literature'
  5. Ravenswood Antique Mall has several sweet selections, but one thing that jumped off the shelf at me was a small Heath Ceramics ashtray from the 50's. - June 2008


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