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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) A young goat.
  2. (noun) The young of a similar animal, such as an antelope.
  3. (noun) The flesh of a young goat.
  4. (noun) Leather made from the skin of a young goat; kidskin.
  5. (noun) An article made from this leather.
  6. (noun) Informal A child.
  7. (noun) Informal A young person.
  8. (noun) Slang Pal. Used as a term of familiar address, especially for a young person: Hi, kid! What's up?
  9. (adjective) Made of kid.
  10. (adjective) Informal Younger than oneself: my kid brother.
  11. (verb-transitive) Informal To mock playfully; tease. See Synonyms at banter.
  12. (verb-transitive) Informal To deceive in fun; fool.
  13. (verb-intransitive) Informal To engage in teasing or good-humored fooling.
  14. (verb-intransitive) To bear young. Used of a goat or an antelope.
  15. (idiom) no kidding Used to express disbelief.
  16. (idiom) no kidding Used to express scornful acknowledgment of the obvious.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. I can also read it that she would need a kid to play outside, but I think it's not all about ME (or Ann?) getting to play ... it's playing with a *kid* (preferably more than one, two or more always works better) in the snow. - It's just snow, people!
  2. I have to remind myself when a kid is acting out its more than likely just a way to get attention! - Archive 2009-03-01
  3. Just when you think your kid is a wierdo, you find other kids doing the same thing. - Home Depot Is For Lovers | Her Bad Mother
  4. Anyways — fast-forward like 25 years or something and this kid is a grown man name Perseus, but he totally looks like Jake Sully from AVATAR, buzz cut and everything. -! » Bobert’s BigScreen Blurbs — CLASH OF THE TITANS! Damn The Gods And Their Mediocrity!
  5. But for Christine to say that children just want books about adventure or just being a kid is an oversimplification of what children truly want. - Debating Black Books


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