Advanced Vocabulary List 9

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adverse adverse
Unfavorable; harmful.


celebrate celebrate

When I win the lottery, we are going to celebrate with a huge party.

coherent coherent


consecutive consecutive


detain detain

Max was detained by the police for more than 3 hours at the airport.

disclose disclose


disrobe disrobe

The nurse asked the patient to disrobe and wait for the doctor in the exam room.

distort distort


enforce enforce

The police are supposed to be here to enforce the law.

flout flout
Openly disregard.


hostile hostile
Unfriendly; Antagonistic


lethal lethal

A rattlesnake's venom is lethal.

lubricate lubricate

To keep your bicycle going smoothly, you should lubricate all of the moving parts.

malign malign
To speak bad about someone.

Please do not malign Mary. She is a very good person.

meander meander
To follow a winding course; to wander.

Max arrived late to school everyday because instead of walking straight to school he’d first meander through the park hunting insects for his collection.

prohibit prohibit


provoke provoke




remove remove


revere revere


revoke revoke
To take back by reversing; to cancel the validity of something.

The judge said that he would revoke my driver's license if I got another speeding ticket.

ridicule ridicule

His ideas were ridiculed by his colleagues.

stamina stamina
Endurance; ability to sustain physical or mental effort.

You must have incredible stamina to compete in the Tour de France.

subterfuge subterfuge



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