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[The New York Hospital] (Behind Jerry, an elderly bald guy enters the room.)

IZZY: Hi, son.

IZZY JR.: Hi daddy.

JERRY: (surprise) This is your son?

IZZY: I got married in high school.

IZZY JR.: (to Jerry) Hey, who are you?

IZZY: This is Seinfeld's kid.

IZZY JR.: Oh, you think you're tough, picking on an old man? (squaring up to Jerry) Maybe you'd like to try taking on somebody your own age.

JERRY: (jocular) You got any kids?

IZZY JR.: Oh, you think you're better than me? (challenging) Go ahead, pick out anything in the room here. I'll lift it up over my head.

JERRY: (trying to defuse the situation) Look, no-one is lifting anything.

IZZY: (pointing) The television.

JERRY: (under his breath) Oh no.

Izzy Jr walks over to the TV, which sits on top of a cabinet.

IZZY JR.: This one's for you, Pop. It's go time.

(Izzy Jr takes a grip on the TV, but there's another crunching sound as he tries to lift, and an agonised expression comes to his face. Jerry cringes in the background.)

IZZY JR.: (pained) Ohh! My back!

IZZY: (urgent) Call an ambulance.

JERRY: (laconic) We're already in a hospital.

(Izzy and Izzy Jr are laid up in beds placed side-by-side.)

JERRY: I swear to you, I didn't know they TV was bolted to the table.

IZZY JR.: I bet you pulled that trick on my daddy, in Florida.

JERRY: He couldn't handle the weight.

IZZY: (hostile) Oh, so now you think you're better than me?

IZZY JR.: (indicating Izzy) You think you're better than him?!

JERRY: (placatory) Look, let me just state for the record, I think you're both better than me.

IZZY: Okay.

(An even more elderly guy than Izzy enters the room behind Jerry. He spreads his arms in greeting to the Mandelbaums.)

IZZY'S FATHER.: My boys.

IZZY: My dad.

IZZY JR.: My grandpa.

JERRY: (incredulous) Oh, come on!

IZZY'S FATHER.: (indicating Izzy Jr) What happened to him?

JERRY: He was trying to lift the TV.

IZZY'S FATHER.: (pointing) That TV?

(Izzy's father. strides purposefully toward the TV.)

JERRY: (consternation) Oh no. (to the bedridden two) It's go time.

(Off-screen there is a familiar crunching sound)

IZZY'S FATHER.. (O.C.): (pained) Oohh!

(All three of the Mandelbaums are in a row of beds in the same room.)

IZZY'S FATHER.: Why didn't anybody tell me? It was bolted down!

IZZY: I still thought you could do it.

IZZY JR.: Me too.

IZZY/IZZY JR/IZZY'S FATHER.: (chanting and punching the air) Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum...

JERRY: Fellas, fellas... (fades)

IZZY'S FATHER.: (calls) Hey, I can't see the TV.

(Jerry walks to the TV and picks it,and the attached cabinet up. HE carries it across the room to the foot of IZZY'S FATHER.'s bed,where he places it.)

JERRY: Here.

(Jerry walks out of the room followed by the angry cries of Izzy.)

IZZY: You think you're better than us,don't you?! Huh!?


a sudden fear resulting in dismay or bewilderment

To my wife's consternation, I invited the motorcycle gang over for dinner.

to bend one's head and body in fear

Max cringed when he heard his boss calling out his name.

defuse the situation
to make a situation less tense; to reduce the tension

Max made a joke to try to defuse the situation.

for the record
to get things straight or make things clear

For the record, I am not going to marry Martha.

to deal with or cope with

Max quit the job because he couldn't handle the pressure.

unable to believe; skeptical

Max had an incredulous look on his face when his boss gave him the promotion.

playful; joking

Max did not laugh at the joke. He was not in a jocular mood.

laid up
to be sick in bed

When Max caught pneumonia, he was laid up for more than four weeks.

pick on
to bully or victimize

David liked to pick on the smaller boys.

pick out
to choose or select

Max picked out his clothes to wear to the party.

take on
to successfully oppose in competition

Max was a fierce boxer. He could take on opponents twice his size.

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