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MORTY: Izzy Mandelbaum. He's eighty years old, but strong as an ox. (pointing) Watch this.

(Izzy picks up a set of weights and lifts them chest high.)

MORTY: See that? You couldn't do that.

JERRY: I could, but I choose not to.

(Another guy enters behind the Seinfelds. He walks over to an exercise bike and climbs aboard).

SID: Hey Morty. (nodding toward Jerry) Who's this?

MORTY: This is my son Jerry, from New York. (leaning toward Sid) He thinks he can lift more than Izzy.

JERRY: (protesting) I..I didn't say that.

SID: (calling over) Hey, Izzy, this kid says he can lift more than you can.

(Izzy looks over. He releases his grip on the weights and they drop to the floor with a clunk.)

IZZY: Your kid's pretty funny, Morty. Should be a comedian.

JERRY: (smiles) Actually, I am a comedian.

SID: That's not so funny.

IZZY: (challenging) Think you're better than me, huh?

MORTY: Izzy used to work out with Charles Atlas in the fifties.

JERRY: (jocular) Eighteen-fifties?

IZZY: Yeah, that's it. It's go time. (points to the weights he put down) Let's see you lift that.

JERRY: (reluctant) Mr Mandelbaum, I...

IZZY: C'mon, c'mon. Pump it!

JERRY: (consenting) Alright.

IZZY: Yeah, wrong attitude. you're not bringing that trash into my house.

(Jerry walks over and picks the weights up easily.)

JERRY: There. Alright?

IZZY: Step aside, string bean.

(Jerry puts down the weights, and rolls them out of the way. Izzy steps in front of a much, much, more substantial set of weights.)

IZZY: I'll show you. We're gonna take it up a notch.

(Izzy bends and takes hold of the bar. The second he puts any effort into the lift, there is a loud crunching noise and a pained look of horror comes to his face.)

IZZY: (agonised) Ah! My back. Ugh.

(Izzy keeps hold of the bar as he slowly keels over forwards. The circular weights roll in front of him and Izzy gently falls forward until he's face down on the floor.)

IZZY: (drawn out) Aaaahh.

(Jerry, Morty and Sid, look on, concerned.)

SID: Somebody, call an ambulance.

MORTY: (unpanicked) There's already an ambulance here for Mrs Glickman. There's room for one more.


A thump; a dull sound

When Max fell, he hit the floor with a loud clunk.

an entertainer whose purpose is to make his audience laugh.

The comedian was very funny. I couldn’t stop laughing the entire night.

a firm hold

Max kept a firm grip on the suitcase full of money.

it's go time
it's time to show what you can do; it's time to show what you're made of.

Are you guys ready? It's go time! Let's give everything we've got.

keel over
to collapse; to fall over

Max walked for two days straight until he finally keeled over.

to draw attention to someone or something by moving one's head

Max nodded toward the person coming in the room.

pump it
lift weights (often pump iron)

OK Max it's your turn to lift the weights. Pump it!

string bean
a tall and skinny person

Joe's girlfriend Mary is short and fat, but Joe is a string bean.

strong as an ox
very strong

Don't worry. Joe can lift that box. He's as strong as an ox.

take it up a notch
to raise the level of performance; to raise standards.

Our sales performance has been pretty good, but it's time to take it up a notch.

rubbish, waste; anything bad or worthless (in this case Jerry's attitude).

None of that trash around here! In this classroom you are going to work hard and be happy about it.

Vocabulary Practice Exercise

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